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Professor of Education

 University of the Southern Caribbean (USC)

 Maracas,  St. Joseph,  P.O. Box 175,  Port of Spain

 Trinidad & Tobago,  West Indies  

 Telephone Contacts:  [1-868]-662 2241 ext 2424 (Work);  799 -7832 /  351-9811 (Personal Mobile);  663 -5468 (Home);

 1-718-360-8572 (Vonage)   1-718-673-5419 (MagicJack)   1-347-699-2144 (Google Voice)   Skype: franklyn.baldeo


My Aspirations:

To be the best Professional Teacher emulating the Master Teacher - Jesus Christ


To use my experience to help prepare aspiring teachers to be the best professionals they can be



My Vision & Mission Statement: Here is my Life's Vision and Mission Statements
Teaching Philosophy:  This statement of philosophy of teaching is an attempt to put my passion for teaching into words
Resume:  Here is my current  résumé  Prospective employers are free to take a closer look

My Family:  Check here for pictures of My Family


Graduate Education Programmes Web Page        


            The following are Graduate courses I have recently taught at  University of the Southern Caribbean



EDCI 547 Foundation of Curriculum Studies
EDCI 586 Computer Technologies in Education    
EDAL 670 Technology for Leaders    
EDCI 637 Programme Evaluation and Change
EDCI 545 Assessment and Evaluation of Learning
EDCI 565 Improving Instruction
EDCI 579 Classroom Strategies for Improving Instruction  
EDRM 505 Research Methods in Education & Psychology
EDAL 664 School Leadership
EDAL 520 Foundations of Educational Leadership
EDTE 571 Managing Student Behaviours and Social Issues in the Classroom


               Undergraduate Courses I have taught at the Bachelors in Primary / Elementary Education (in affiliation with Andrews University) and at the Associate in Elementary Teacher Traingg (CUC/USC)   

GNSC 222 General Science  - ETT Year II AGRI 102  Basic Agricultural Science -  BEd./ BS - Year I  
EDUC 171/173  Elective Agricultural Science    -  ETT Year  I AGRI 182  Principles of Animal Science  - Elem. Ed  Year I
EDUC 271/273  Elective Agricultural Science    -  ETT Year  II EDTE 479 Classroom Management
MATH 121/123 Elementary Mathematics - ETT Year I EDFN 425 History and Sociology of Education in the Caribbean
MATH 221/223 Elementary Mathematics - ETT Year II   EDTE 457 Methods in Teaching Science/Mathematics      
EDTE 241/243  Teaching  Practice  -  ETT Year  II EDTE 487-01 Student Teaching Practice Seminar (Secondary)
EDTE 425 Current Trends in Curriculum and Instruction EDTE 330 Principles & Practice of Education 
AGRI 172  Basic Agricultural Science  EDTE 488-01 Student Teaching Practice (Elementary/Primary)
IDSC 440 Topics:  .................... EDTE 499 Independent Study: ...........................




USC -  LIBRARY DATABASE USERNAME & PASSWORDS  ( for Research Information )
Transfer of Credit from the ETT programme to the B Ed.(Primary) Degree
Course Descriptions for all Courses in Education
Elementary Teacher Training Web Page (withdrawn)






Baldeo, F. N. (2011). Primary teacher education in Trinidad & Tobago: A best practice framework. Saarbrucken, Germany:  VDM Verlag Dr. Muller GmbH & Co. KG. [ISBN: 978-3-639-36910-6]

Baldeo, Franklyn.  Mastery learning: A Christian approach.  Christ In The Classroom,   No. 251-96; Volume 17,  

Prepared by Humberto M. Rasi, 1996.  pp. 21 - 40







"Roles and Tasks Of Educational  Leadership  and the Structural Constraints on Educational Administration"
"Linking Beliefs, Values and Academics within the SDA College Curriculum as part of the Integration of Faith in the Learning Process"
"Integration Of  Faith & Learning in the College's Curriculum"



Devotional Sites:

SDA  (Sabbath School) Related Sites:

Sabbath School Lesson Quarterly

Teachers Sabbath School Lesson Quarterly

Lesson Study Teaching Aids - Probe

Bruce Cameron Lesson Study Help

Ideas For Sabbath School Teaching

Adventist Internet Resource:

Adventist Internet Resources Directory

Educational Sites:

Lesson Plan Format   


Lesson Plan Generator

Sample Lesson Plans



Teacher & Professional Development

Teacher & Teaching Resources  

Classroom Management Sites:

Mathematics Teaching Sites:

Sites Dedicated to Teaching of Mathematics

Mathematics Resources

Maths Misconceptions

Teaching Resources Mathematics

Joke Sites:


  Some Inspirational Thoughts

  New Year  (2013) Greetings                   

  Be Thankful

  Inspiring "Floral" Thoughts

  Is the Cup Half  Full or Half  Empty?

  Everything Happens For A Reason

  Value Yourself

  You Are So Blessed

 Be Happy Right Now
  Ten Rules For A Good Day   Good Advice

  Ten Commandments To Live By

  Best Things In Life Are Free

  Thirteen Simple Ways To Be Happy

  Things To Believe In

  Six Pillars of Character

  One Step At A Time

  Already Complete

  Just For Today

  Give A Kind Word

  See Good In All

  You Are Special

  Interview With God

  Thoughts For Life

  Each Life Affects Another

  I Wish You Joy

  Drop A Pebble In The Water

  Who You Are Makes A Difference

  Blessings All Around

  Ten Most Important Things


  God Knows

  I Think I Can

  The Size Of Your Heart

  Hold On Tightly

  God Won't Ask

  The Worth Of Our Lives

  70 Things To Always Remember

 A Little Bit Of Kindness

  You Never Know

 Tomorrow's Chance
 Seven Gifts To Give To A Friend   You Never Know
The ABC's Of A Purposeful Life   42 Tips For A Better Life
 He Is God  Always Have Hope

Powerful Thoughts & Words To Consider

 25 Things to Remember in Life)

Words of Wisdom - Get Inspired

May the Beauty of These Words Stay With You

Inspiring - Ten Powerful Words

Family Life Nuggets  

( Family Life Nuggets & Thoughts )

30 Memorable Quotations About Family

Thank You Lord, for My Family


Encouraging Reflections

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God Speaks To Us Through the Wonderful Scenes of Nature

( 28 Magnificant Nature Shots )

It is Still A Beautiful World (80 stunnig photos)


Wonderful Biblical Promises

( 36 Gorgeous Nature Shots with Biblical Promises Included )

Reassuring & Motivating Words of Jesus


Flowers - Stunning Messages they Speak

The Beauty of Flowers and Words

12 Incredible Multi-Coloured Flowers

Some Rare & Beautiful Flowers

Our Thoughts Are Really Like Beautiful Flowers

Flowers - They Affect Us in So Many Ways

These Flowers Come with Great Advice

Take Some Time to . . . .

( 16 Special Things to Remember to Take Time to Do )

What is Life?

17 Treasures of Life

Life is a Reflection of You  (video)

In This Life, What Did You Miss? (video)


Who is the Happiest Person ? (video)

  Life Brings Great Things - Tips That Will Change It

 45 Simple Tips That Will Change Your Life

Three Little Words

Some Three Things to Consider in Life

16 Things that Life can Throw at us

Inspirational Quotes for Wisdom

!0 Inspirational Quotes to Remember

15 Quotes that Give you a Sense of Self Love

Gifts to Give & Receive

Seven Gifts To Give To A Friend

12 Tips I Received from My Grandma

Just Wanted to Remind You


 Devotional  Features / Nuggets

Something To Think About Emergency Help Numbers
The 23rd Psalm Good Friends
The Carpenter Instructions For Life
ABC's Of Achieving Your Dreams The "Be" Attitudes
The  Pit Beatitudes For Students
Five Ways God Uses Problems In Our Life Beatitudes For Teachers
The Second 10 Commandments Beatitudes For Teachers & Students
Strive To Be Happy Beatitudes For Parents  
What's Your Favourite Hymn? The Devil's Beatitudes
The I Can't Funeral If Tomorrow Never Comes
How Much Does A Prayer Weigh? What I've Learned
My Ten Angels You Are Awesome
Look Around You Does God Still Speak?
God's Perfection God Mysterious Ways
Shaking Off Adversity Life's Little Lessons
A Rat Trap In The House The Awakening
I Will . . . Don't Hope Friend . .  Decide
22 Benefits of Worship A Spider's Web
God Will Provide Gifts That Don't Cost a Cent
Sleeping While The Wind Blows 10 Steps Towards Christian Maturity
A. S. A. P. Dos And Don'ts Of Character
Keep Your Fork Things To Remember
Advice To Strengthen Your Life A Perfect Mistake

Health Guidelines &Tips

How To Survive A Heart Attack When Alone

Eight Tips for Healthy Eating

What To Do To Identify A Stroke

Health and Wellness: What Everyone Should Know

Body Issues - Health Behaviours and Attitudes

36 Ways To Reduce Stress



Inspiring Poems  


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True Beauty of Flowers in Movement Eye-Catching and Colourful Blooming Flowers
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The World Most Beautiful Amazing Flowers Beautiful Butterflies
Flowers Can Dance Birds
The Most Gorgeous Flowers in the World - Tulip Beautiful Exotic Birds

Enriching Presentations

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Motivational Quotations

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My Quotations on Achievement & Accomplishment My Quotations on Purpose Friendship
My Quotations On Attitude My Quotations on Responsibility Generosity
My Quotations on Blessings My Quotations on Self-Reliance & Confidence Goals / Dreams 
My Quotations on Change My Quotations on Success & Failure Habits
My Quotations on Character My Quotations on Thankfulness & Gratitude Happiness
My Quotations on Communication My Quotations on Time Humility
My Quotations on Competence & Ability My Quotations on Wisdom & Understanding Imagination
My Quotations on Courage My Quotations on Work Inspiration
My Quotations on Creativity My Quotations (General) Integrity
My Quotations on Education Achievements Kindness
My Quotations on Emotions Ambition / Purpose Life
My Quotations on Encouragement Attitude Love
My Quotations on Excellence Beauty Motivation
My Quotations on Faith Belief & Trust Character Opportunity
My Quotations on Forgiveness Choice Patience
My Quotations on Friendship Circumstance Perseverance & Persistence
My Quotations on Happiness Commitment Prayer & Meditation
My Quotations on Honesty Truth & Reputation Confidence / Courage Religion
My Quotations on Humour & Laughter Contentment Reputation
My Quotations on Kindness Creativity Responsibility
My Quotations on Leadership Determination Success
My Quotations on Life Dignity & Self Esteem Talents
My Quotations on Love & Emotions Direction / Leadership Truthfulness
My Quotations on Opportunity Education & Learning Vision
My Quotations on Peace Excellence Wisdom
My Quotations on Perspective & Perception Expectations Miscellaneous
My Quotations on Prayer Experience  
My Quotations on Problems Faith  


     Friendship  Corner


Great Tips for Around the Home


Tips On Writing Research Papers  

Online Help For Writing Research Papers
How to Use Evidence
How To Use Information from the Internet
How To Write A Thesis Statement
Paragraphs & Topic Sentences
Plagiarism: What It is and How to Recognize and Avoid It
Proof-reading for Common Surface Errors: Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar
Writing A Book Review
APA Referencing
APA Formatting & Style Guide     
APA Citation Style   

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